Idan Dadon

I’m a sound engineer and a musician placed in NYC. Since childhood, I’ve  had a strong passion for music and sound.
When I discovered a new aspect of music, the electronic music, I knew that I want to become a professional in the world of sound.
The rhythm and the sounds were mysterious to me, it felt like a story that adventures into a magical cosmos.
Along the way, I walk thru different styles of music and musical instruments which improved my composing skills.
I dived into it, learned about the process, the tools, synthesis and tried a varient of softwares. In order to improve my skills in the sound industry and acquired a more professional knowledge, I enrolled in the Sound Engineering program at Kinneret college and graduated with distinction.
During my studies, I learned a lot about Digital Signal Processing. As a final project, I developed a unique audio plugin using Pure Data.
Thanks to my previous Computer Programming studies, I was able to learn websites development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) easily by myself and combine it with my sound knowledge.

Currently, I am a freelancer as a music producer and sound engineer, involved in diverse sound work.

Thank you for reading my website, you’re welcome to check some of my work.